Kumaragiri Spinning Mills – Our Infrastructure

At Kumaragiri, quality is not the end product. Rather, it is a continual, ongoing process.

A well - established infrastructure is at the heart of our operations, enabling us to execute streamlined processes with ease and efficiency. The most contemporary machinery finds pride of place in our factory. Some of these include TRUTZSCHLER, MURATEC, SCHLAFHORST, RIETER and a superior LMW PROJECT combined with SKAAT SLUB MACHINES that are equipped with digital technology. An advanced VISTA VISION system is implemented directly in production, which ensures accuracy of results. Once the manufacturing process is completed, the yarn is packed in cartons, pallets and other mixed customized packaging techniques as specified by the customer.

Our plants are backed by captive power and high standard facilities for manufacturing, product development and marketing teams that enable us to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of precision, quality, in-time delivery along with an environmental and social concern.


At Kumaragiri Spinning Mills, we have advanced machinery and extreme power backed plant that helps achieve excellence in manufacturing, packing and delivery